Tamil Nadu Objectives

In Tamil Nadu projects on all the three thematic issues are being supported and facilitated by CWS.

Human dignity:

  • A network of organizations working for the empowerment of Muslims especially women, was promoted and strengthened. The network is called SAAYA network
  • Organizational development of Muslim women was promoted in Sivagangai district. The result of more than five years of empowerment was that the Slum Level Federation of Muslim women in Ilayangudi secured the contract for establishing a sericulture unit through Government subsidy. Around 250 women from 25 SHGs are collectively running a sericulture unit for extraction of yarn from cocoons. The women have put in their personal money to meet the margin money cost. The Sericulture Department has provided 75% subsidy towards cost of machinery and installation. Working capital cost is being financed by a nationalized Bank. CWS grant towards revolving fund for livelihood activities given during earlier period has also been invested in this unit to meet the resource gap. Though the unit has not yet started making profit, the women are happy that they have created an asset through collective effort. More than 20 women and two men are employed in this unit.
  • Muslim Women leaders have been groomed through capacity building process and they have won local body elections
  • Women Shariat was established in Dindigul. The center is also working as the legal support and counseling center for Muslim women victims of violence
  • Puthirai Vannar (SC) community members in 3 districts have been identified and are being organized to come together and assisted in getting their entitlements like community certificates, pensions and education support. They are also being formed into Associations to enable them to lobby for their rights and benefits.
  • Women construction workers in Trichy and Thanjavur districts are being motivated to enroll in the Construction Workers Welfare Board. More than 500 women have enrolled as members and have started availing various benefits like support in case of death of family members, education support for children, maternity and marriage benefits, Old age pensions, etc.
  • Single women from 13 villages from 13 blocks of Pudukottai are being empowered through formation of groups and sangams. They have been supported through revolving funds to take up small micro initiatives to earn income to take care of their families.
  • Members from two hamlets of Paliyar tribes in Kodaikanal have been registered as Societies to represent their community for their needs and rights to the Government.


  • 300 families of Paliyar Adivasi tribes in Kodaikanal are earning income through rearing goats and hens in their houses. This income is supplementing their income as wage earners. It is hoped that income through alternate activities will eliminate the need to work as labourers in estates, etc. Processing units have been set up to collect and process minor forest produce like fruits, honey, bamboo and broom leaves so that the community can market the products directly without involvement of middlemen.
  • Forest dependent families in 20 villages in Sirumalai Reserve Forest are taking up IGP activities like dairy, floriculture and petty shops to reduce their dependence on forests
  • Around 500 acres of dry land in Dindigul and Pudukottai districts have been brought under dry land farming through organic cultivation of minor millets and vegetables. 500 marginal farmers are the direct beneficiaries. Their food security has increased up to 90 days through consumption of millets which they cultivate. Cattle fodder availability has improved by 30 days from millet straw. Women farmers are cultivating vegetables and pulses through organic methods in Pudukottai district and their family income has increased by Rs.15000/- in three months season.


  • Elected representatives of Panchayat and Communes in Pondicherry were empowered and linkages provided with Institutes like Gandhigram Rural Institute
  • Federation formed of these representatives to lobby with the State Government for holding Panchayat elections in Pondicherry. Village Forest committees in 20 villages in Sirumalai Reserve Forest have been made functional. They have been strengthened and federated. JFM meetings are now being held regularly in these villages.
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