Project name:

Single Women Empowerment

Project Title:

Empowering Single women in the selected 80 villages, eight mandals and four districts of Telangana

Partners and their address:

Mahiala Margadharshi (MM), Flat No: 22/1, 1st Floor, SVR Murthy Residency Opp. Lane to Daglas High School, Indira Nagar Colony, Srikakulam- 532001, A. P

Society for Women’s Awareness and Rural Development (SWARD) Maithrivanam, Near MPDO Office, Siddipet, 502103, Medak District, Telangana.

Development Action for Women In Need (DAWN), Kuchipudi Village, Amruthalur, Mandal, Guntur District – 522313, Andhra Pradesh.

Development Action for Oppressed People’s Society – (DROPS) 6- 195, Chinnamandem, Kadaka District – 516214, Andhra Pradesh.

Project field area: no. and name of the villages, block, district etc.
S/N Name of the Partner Organizations Total Villages Block/ Mandal District Beneficiaries
1. Mahila Margadharshi 10 2 (Gara & Srikakulam Mandals) Srikakulam District 925
2. SWARD 10 2 (Siddipet and Chinnakodur Mandals) Medak District 953
3. DAWN 10 2 (Amarthaluru and Vemuru Mandals) Guntur District 970
4. DROPS 50 2 (Chinnamadem and Raychoti  mandals) Kadapa District 1450
Total project period and starting date:

March 2008

Total project period:

5 years

Project Duration:

One Year Total approved budget and budget for the present year:

Total approved budget is Rs. 55,02980/- and for the present year is Rs. 15,22,180/-

Total Costs

Year 2008-2009

Year 2009-2010

Year  2010-2011

Year 2011-12

Year 2012-13

55,02,980 8,26000 871000 9,00,000 13, 83, 800 15,22,180
Project Objective / overall Goal and Expected Results

Overall goal & Objectives Goal:

Empowering the Single Women to protect and realize their rights.


Strengthening and capacity Building of Single Women

Formation of Single women Sanghas ( Groups) at village level, Formation, strengthening and capacity building of Single Women Samakhyas at the Mandal level.

Ensuring Livelihood opportunities for marginalized single women Advocacy and lobbying with Government and likeminded organizations

Result 1:

135 Single Women, who are very poor have been extended livelihood support towards starting there own IGP. All the 135 Single Women have started their own IGPs and are earning income to sustain themselves and their children. There economical status has improved and they are able to lead a dignified life.

Result 2:

4298 Single Women have been sensitized, trained and capacitated on their rights. They are able to articulate their problems with others, especially with Government officials in general and group members in particular.

Result 3:

Facilitated and supported all the SW in availing all the entitlements from the Government, Such as Ration cards, (Commodities are given to the people below the poverty line, at a low cost- PDS) Aarogyasree cards (treatment is given to the poor people, free of cost even in the corporate hospitals) Widow pension (Young single women, who lost their husbands are getting a pension of Rs. 200/- pm rom Government), NREGA Job cards – 100 days Employment scheme (Facilitated and Supported all the SW in getting the NREGS Jobs cards and also getting 100 days work.) During the off season, the government will give 100 days of work to each house hold and all the women are paid in par with men i.e., Rs. 100 to Rs. 120 is paid per day‘s work.

Major achievements till date

Formed 80 Single Women Sanghas at village level

Formed 8 Samakhyas at the Mandal level.

A platform has been created, where the single women, can come together to articulate and discuss about the various problems aced by the, and with the support of the group can take decisions to solve their problems.

The communities have changed their attitude towards Single Women.

Single Women are able to lead a life with dignity.

Concerned staff member:

Ms. Esther Valentina


AEI, Luxemburge

Significant learning till date

The single women now, has a platform to discussing their issues, they need help from the village leaders, local people etc to resolve their problems and accessing government schemes

There are more than the expected number of Single Women in the communities

Single Women, who were mostly depending on their parents have started coming out of their houses to earn their livelihood and maintain themselves and their families.

With the Support extended by CWS – AEI, many of the Single Women have started their own IGP and became self reliant and independent.

Many of the Single women have been mainstreamed into the NREGS scheme. They are able to earn income in par with the other people in the village. All single women, who lost their husbands, have been arranged with the Government Widow pension of Rs. 200/- per month.


Registered Office

Address: 12-13-438,
Street No.1, Tarnaka,

City : Secunderabad
Pincode: 500 017.
State : Telangana.
Country : India.

Phone : +91-40- 2701 8257

Fax : +91-40- 2700 5243

Email : info@cwsy.org

Bihar Resource Centre (BRC)

H/o. Mr. Binod Kumar Jha,

Address: Road No. 15F,
Ground Floor, Rajiv Nagar

City : Patna
Pincode: 800 024.
State : Bihar.
Country : India.

Email : brc@cwsy.org

Jharkhand Resource Centre (JRC)

C/O Manju Singh
29/A, Hume Pipe Area
Besides Civil court, Sakchi
Jamshedpur - 831 001
State : Jharkhand
Country : India

Phone : +91 0657-2231101

Email : jrc@cwsy.org

Odisha Resource Centre (ORC)

H.No.283-B, Duplex, Near Kalyani Plaza

City : PO : Patrapada, Bhubaneswar
Pincode: 751 019.
State : Odisha.
Country : India.

Phone : +91 0674-2471514

Email : orc@cwsy.org

Tamil Nadu Resource Centre (TNRC)

D.No.5/5, Ground Floor,
Arunachalam Garden,
Devi Nagar, Karambakkam

City : Porur
Pincode: 600 116.
State : Chennai.
Country : India.

Email : tnrc@cwsy.org

Telangana Resource Centre (TRC)

Address: 12-13-438,
Street No.1, Tarnaka,

City : Secunderabad
Pincode: 500 017.
State : Telangana.
Country : India.

Phone : +91 040-2701 6038

Fax : +91-40-2701 6038

Email : trc@cwsy.org

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