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Project name:
Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme
Project Title:
Ensuring Resource and Livelihood Rights of Socially Excluded Communities and Women: Institutional and Capacity Building Interventions
Partners and their address:
AHEAD (Association for Human Rights, Education and Development) – Registered Office at - Shanti Nagar, PO – Khariar, Dist – Nuapada- 766107,Odisha.
ASISH (Association of Secular Initiatves for Social Humanism) - Dist. – Gajpati -761015, Odisha  Field Office- Tetulikhunti, Nabarangpur , Odisha
CARR (Community Action for Rural Reconstruction)– Registered Office at/PO- Gopapaur, Via- Badamba, Dist –Cuttack - 752063, Odihsa. Field Office- Dabugam, Nabrangpur, Odisha
EPT (Ekta Parishad Trust)– Registered Office at At- Mangarajpur, PO- Banpur , Dist- Khurda-752031, Odisha , Field Office- Madanpu r Rampur , Kalahandi, Odisha
NIRMAN(National Integrated Rural Movement for Action Network) - Registered Office at –Ambedkarnagar, PO – Mohana, Dist.- Gajapati-761015, Odisha. Field Office -Sambalpur
Project field area: no. and name of the villages, block, district etc.
Org. Total Villages & GPs Block District Beneficiaries
AHEAD 31 Villages of Artal, Borda, Dumuria, Karlapada and Palna GPs Bhawanipatna Kalahandi 12939
ASISH 13 Villages of Pujariguda and Manchagaon Tentulikhunti Nabrangpur 6719
ASISH 27 Villages of Jagannathpur, Jhadabandhaguda and Dhandra Nandahandi Nabrangpur 6658
CARR 43 Villages of Dabugam, Medana, Chacharaguda, Jhunapani and Godakuntha GPs Dabugam Nabrangpur 24606
EPT 54 Villages of  Nunupur, Altara, Gochhadengen, MadanpurRampur, Pandakamal GPs Madanpur Rampur Kalahandi 22807
NIRMAN 41 Villages of Kulundi, Mundhenpalli, Chakuliabahal GPs Jamakira Sambalpur 8372
  10 Villages of Tampergarh and Dangarpada GPs Jujumura   5480
Total project period and starting date:

Total project Period is 4 years. Project Duration: 15th September 2011 – 14th September 2015

Total approved budget and budget for the present year:
Total Costs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Rs.1,30,11,338.00 Rs.36,34,930.00 Rs.33,99,150.00 Rs.29,34,515.00 Rs. 30,42,743.00
Project Objective / overall Goal and Expected Results:
Overall goal:Socially excluded people derive sustainable livelihoods by having access to land resource and employment entitlements in 220 villages of 3 PACS districts of Odisha.
Objective:Ensuring Resource and Livelihood Rights of Socially Excluded Communities and Women focusing on MGNREGS, FRA, and Revenue Land Right & Strengthening SHGs & CBOs.
Result 1:At least 6600 SEG households in 220 villages of 25 GPs in 3 districts obtained 70 days of work and 2300 SEG households benefited through creation of individual productive assets
Result 2:At least 2000 SEG households exercise ownership rights over forestland and 1900 SEG households over revenue land under FRA and Revenue Land Entitlement Schemes and Act/Policies respectively
Result 3: In 90 villages forest dependent communities including SEGs exercise community rights over forest resource under FRA and 90 biodiversity registers developed for sustainable management of forest
Result 4:5000 women from socially excluded and non-excluded households formed SHG/livelihood group and engaged in income generating activities.
Major achievements till date:
The project aims at enabling the target group to access and avail the govt. schemes applicable for them and for that a sample base line survey of 32 villages has been completed in the first quarter as per the methodology prescribed by PACS. Online data entry of the survey result by the lead CSO is in process. Village level meetings and awareness campaign through cultural programs by the NGOs are in process. Training program on ‘Social Exclusion Practices’ and ‘FRA & Revenue Land Rights Schemes’ has been imparted to the partner NGOs and relevant IEC materials on FRA & MGNREGS has been developed and shared among all stakeholders.
Concerned staff member:
Ms. Rekha Panigrahi, ORC In-charge
Ms. R. Sunanda Chowdhury ,  Programme Officer
ifirst consortium
Significant learning till date:
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