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1. Introduction
2. Key Activities
3. Gallery
The Dalit Programme of CWS envisions Dalits to live with dignity, have equal opportunity, socialeconomic justice, and be in decision making at all levels and free from caste discrimination and violence.
● To strengthen dalits to claim their entitlements, provided through different social welfare schemes of state and national Governments and inform and educate the community on the various Constitutional safeguards and self sustainable practices to empower themselves
● To build the capacity of Dalit Partners in all 5 states in proposal development and Documentation.
● To strengthen the ongoing networks and build the capacities of the networks to become sustainable and convergence with other contemporary networks.
● To enable the Dalit community to exercise their basic right to dignity, right to education, right to work and livelihood by generating awareness on SC/ST (PoA) 1989, NREGA, reservation provisions in educational institutions and advocating land redistribution to landless Dalits.
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