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SDTT – Flood Management
● Construction of drainage channels
● Construction of culverts
● Celebration of women’s day
● Formation of village committee
● Street plays to generate community awareness
● Formation of farmers’ clubs
● Training on vermin-compost and construction of vermi-compost pits.
● Agriculture training
● Veterinary training
● Advocacy and lobbying
The Kosi river having moved from its usual course caused havoc in Bihar. Thousands of people were rendered homeless and many lives too were lost. CWS played an active role in providing relief in this emergency situation. The difference in CWS initiative was that it decided to rework on its strategy of addressing such calamities and focusing on the traditional wisdom of providing livelihood support. CWS was involved at two levels, one in trying to influence policy and the other to provide relief to the flood survivors. Reclaiming land, promoting agriculture and support for other forms of livelihood options such as fisheries etc helped the community in achieving some level of food security. These efforts were recognized by the local panchyats, who tried to replicate the interventions in other flood hit areas.
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